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Hayate The Combat Butler Season 2 (TV 1 - 26 End) DVD

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Title Name Hayate The Combat Butler Season 2 / 旋风管家第二季
No of Disc
4 Discs (26 Episodes)
Version Japanese
Chinese / English / Malay
Item Code
VBG 0090
Format DVD / NTSC & All Region Code
Remark --



It has been three months since Hayate was abandoned by his parents and started work at the Sanzenin Manor as a butler to pay off his parents debt. However, being the butler for the otaku-crazed lady of the house, Nagi Sanzenin, is a hard task, not made easier by the friends and enemies of the Sanzenin, of which Hayate always ends up in the middle of the problem. And his life may get even harder when Student Council President Hinagiku Katsura begins to realise her own feelings for the debt ridden butler.

故 事讲述了公立高中一年级生的绫崎飒,因其父母性格懒散还有浪费癖,使得他不得不每天都打工养家(山田太郎二号……)。圣诞夜,回到家中的绫崎飒发现父母 留给他一张白条,原来,父母欠下了一亿五千万日圆债务后逃之夭夭。为了还债甚至还企图贩卖绫崎飒的器官(太无良了)。被黑道追杀走投无路的绫崎飒,妄图绑 架附近公园的少女换取赎金,冲过去就对少女说“我……需要你(当人质,当然这后面3个字还没出口)”,阴差阳错再加层层误会之下,绫崎飒反倒成了少女的救 命恩人。怎知这位少女正是三千院财阀大...