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Super Sentai Series Hurricaneger (TV 1 - 51 End) DVD

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Title Name Super Sentai Series Hurricaneger / 忍風戦隊
No of Disc
2 Discs (51 Episodes)
Version Japanese
Chinese / English
Item Code
MIR 0284
Format DVD / NTSC & All Region Code
Remark --



In the Hayate Way's Ninja Academy, three of its pupils aren't exactly fitting in. But because their sensei believes them to have potential, he regularly spends the morning personally subjecting them to rigorous training. While the other students are having their graduation ceremony, a group of evil space ninjas known as the Jakanja infiltrated the school, killing most of the students. The school's sensei, Mugensai, turned himself into a hamster to evade his pursuers. The trio was then taken to a secret base to become the legendary Hurricanegers to fight Jakanja. But they also had to deal with the two ninja brothers of the Ikazuchi Way's Ninja Academy for a while due to their individual schools rivalries, but with the aid of the mysterious Shurikenger, the two ninja groups were able to set their rivalry aside and joined forces to stop Jakanja as they are attempting to evoke "It".