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Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin (TV 1 - 13 End) DVD + CD

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Title Name Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin / 世纪末超自然学院
No of Disc
2 Discs (13 Episodes + Soundtrack)
Version Japanese
Chinese / English / Malay
Item Code
MIR 1048
Format 1 DVD + 1 CD / NTSC & All Region Code
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The Waldstein Academy is an institute devoted to studies on paranormal disciplines, thus becoming known as the Occult Academy. Maya Kumashiro returns to this place to attend the funeral of the former principal, Junichiro Kumashiro, her father. Maya, a skeptic who hates the occult, meets with Fumiaki Uchida, a time agent from the future sent to 1999 to prevent the apocalyptic Nostradamus Prophecies from happening. The predictions state that the school will be ground zero of the cataclysm that will destroy the world. They must team up to discover not only what actually led to her father's demise, they have limited time to find out what is the key that triggers the beginning of the end.
本作的舞台为一 个名为“超自然设计师学院”的学园都市,这个学院有一个军事要塞般的大小,因此能称得上是都市,剧情就是讲述在这个学院里就读的学生们引起 的各起超自然事件。当然,就如其它日式学园剧那样,喜剧要素自然不能少得。而在动画公布之初,关系者之一的北久保先生就透露本作的女角为一名“超S女”, 看来在UFO或者丧尸之外,本作还有其他值得玩味之处。
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