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Transformers Animated Sea.1 & 2 (TV Series) DVD

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Title Name Transformers Animated Season 1 & 2
No of Disc
2 Discs (26 Episodes)
Version English
Chinese / English / Malay
Item Code
MIR 0640
Format DVD / NTSC & All Region Code
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After inadvertently discovering the lost relic known as the "Allspark," Optimus Prime and his rag-tag team of Autobots are immediately attacked by the Decepticons. During their escape, the Autobots - with Megatron as a stowaway - crash-land near Detroit, Michigan. Fifty years later, Detroit has become a super-advanced metropolis, thanks to Prof. Isaac Sumdac's reverse engineering of Megatron's damaged body. The city becomes a battlefield as the Autobots emerge from their stasis and, with the help of Prof. Sumdac's daughter Sari, protect the population from the invading Decepticons.