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Korean Drama : Secret Garden DVD (秘密花園)


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Title Name Secret Garden (秘密花園)
No of Disc
5 Discs (20 Episodes)
Version Korean / Mandarin
Chinese / English / Malay
Item Code
Format DVD / NTSC & All Region Code
Hyun Bin玄彬,Ha Ji-won河智苑,Yun Sang-hyun尹尚贤,Kim Sa-rang金莎朗,Lee Philip李必立



Two cousins are living in a beautiful mansion which recalls a European medieval villa. One of them is hysteric and nervous Ju-won (Hyun Bin). He is the president of a Department Store and the grandson of its chairman. And the other is an arrogant top star, Oska (Yun Sang-hyun). Oska is hoping to produce a singer’s album, but things don’t go his way. Besides, he is being threatened by the top actress Chae-rin to reveal a scandal with her, so he asks Ju-won to keep hold of her for couple of hours making in return for the renewal of his modeling contract. Ju-won mistakes stunt woman Gil La-im (Ha Ji-won) for Chae-rin because of the same clothes and he keeps her from going. In the meantime, astonishingly, he finds himself attracted to her.

Meanwhile, Oska’s first love Yun-seul (Kim Sa-rang) finds the way to approach Ju-won whom she picked as a future husband, by being a new director for his cousin Oska’s music video. Finally Ju-won renewed the modeling contract and plans a special prize event, ‘Romantic trip with Oska’. All four of them go to Jeju Island for music video shooting and the event. Oska, Ju-won and La-im make a bet on who’s going to win at paragliding. Ju-won and La-im fall into a mountainside by accident. After wandering in the mountains, they happen to visit a mountain cabin and drank the alcohol which an old woman served them. Then, their spirits go into each other’s body and switched…

《秘密花园》这个故事讲述玄彬和河智苑因为意外,导致两人互换灵魂,而引发了一个浪漫的爱情故事。金株元 (玄彬饰) 是一间百货公司的社长,为人挑剔;吉罗琳 (河智苑饰),则是替身演员,身手非常敏捷。按照常理,两人绝对不可能有任何的交集,可是偏偏在一次的误会,两人认识了,而且还是一对冤家,每一次见面都吵个不停,都希望对方不要再纠缠自己!可是两人在一次意外中交换了灵魂,需要用对方的身体,面对完全不一样的人生,继而对彼此产生了爱意…