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Korean Drama : Tamra, the Island DVD (垂涎之岛)

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Title Name Tamra, the Island (垂涎之岛)
No of Disc
6 Discs (21 Episodes)
Version Korean / Mandarin
Chinese / English / Malay
Item Code
Format DVD / NTSC & All Region Code
Seo Woo 瑞雨 / Pierre Deporte 黄灿彬 / Im Ju-hwan 林朱焕 / Lee Seon-ho 李善浩



Seo Hye Rim is a hot-tempered news announcer who was fired by the broadcasting company, but is later elected to the National Assembly and became the first female president of Korea. She faces political pressure and potential impeachment from Kang Tae San and his followers, but survives with the aid of the prosecutor Ha Do Ya.