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Korean Drama : Will It Snow For Christmas? DVD (圣诞节会下雪吗?)

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Title Name Will It Snow For Christmas (圣诞节会下雪吗)
No of Disc
4 Discs (16 Episodes)
Version Korean / Mandarin
Chinese / English / Malay
Item Code
Format DVD / NTSC & All Region Code
Go Soo 高修/Han Ye-seul 韓藝瑟/Sun Woo-sun申有善/Song Jong-ho 宋鐘浩



Because his mother Chun-hee was a tavern-maid, Kang-jin suffered through contempt and mistreatment, and all he could do was study hard. After years of wandering, Chun-hee goes back to her hometown Sancheong for her son and she opens up a coffee shop. The only pendant which is left by Kang-jin's father, even whose figure of face is not able to remember. From that day forward, it becomes Kang-jin’s goal to build a house like that to live in with his family. Towards the end of his teen days, he meets Ji-wan, a daughter of the Doctor in Oriental Medicine. Kang-jin is helplessly drawn to Ji-wan who are guileless and cheerful. One day, Ji-wan’s older brother Ji-Yong drowns while helping Kang-jin look for his pendant that had fallen into the river. After this tragic accident, Ji-wan leave Sancheong without even saying good-bye. Meanwhile, Tae-joon, the son of a ruined family, gets a job at the Beom-seo Group, which is the 7th largest company in the country. He falls in love with the owner’s only daughter Woo-jung, but gives up on her when faced with strong objection from Woo-jung’s family. Woo-jung is upset by his lack of courage. After a while, Kang-jin also joins the Beom-seo group. Kang-jin goes to Tae-joon’s engagement party after hearing that Tae-joon is getting engaged to someone other than Woo-jung. Tae-joon does not show up, but Kang-jin is surprised to find that his fiancée is Ji-wan the women he has been searching for over the past 8 years…