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Korean Drama : Winter's Sonata DVD (冬季戀歌)

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Title Name Winter's Sonata DVD (冬季戀歌)
No of Disc
6 Discs (Complete Series)
Version Korean / Mandarin
Chinese / English / Malay
Item Code
Format DVD / NTSC & All Region Code
Bae Yong-jun 裴勇俊, Choi Ji-woo 崔智友, Park Yong Ha 朴龍河



The story begins when Jun-Sang, the son of an eminent musician, moves to Chuncheon, a rural city in South Korea. As an extraordinarily talented student, Jun-Sang is welcomed by his fellow students as well as teachers, but remains a quiet, introverted young man. As a result of his belief that his father is dead, as well as conflict with his mother, Jun-Sang believes that no one truly loves him.

One day on the ride to school, Jun-Sang's classmate Yoo-Jin interrupts him on the bus. Jun-Sang soon falls in love with Yoo-Jin, who opens herself to him with an innocent heart. Their love, however, is cut short after Jun-Sang is involved in a serious auto-accident and, due to brain damage, is unable to recall his past life.

Jun-Sang's mother, desiring Jun-Sang's love and respect, has Jun-Sang brainwashed by a psychologist, so that Jun-Sang will not remember his painful childhood, as an illegitimate child. As a result, Jun-Sang's memories prior to the accident are erased. Jun-Sang's mother decides to move to the United States with Jun-Sang, where he can start a new life under the identity of Yi Min-Hyeong. His friends and teachers are told that Jun-Sang is dead.

Ten years later, Min-Hyeong is an award-winning architect in the United States. He does not remember anything about his life in Korea. He is completely different, an open-minded person who cares about other people, including his mother. He returns to Korea and Yoo-Jin sees him on the street, prompting her to put off her engagement to childhood friend Sang-Hyeok. Little does she know that Min-Hyeong is dating her friend and sometime rival Che-Rin. The story's plot intensifies when Yu-Jin begins work at the firm where Min-Hyeong is employed, and tries to find out if he is her lost lover Jun-Sang.

我会像北极星一样守护者你刻画者一生难忘初恋的回忆...... 有一种爱情永远都不会变,有一种珍藏这种爱情的人也不会变..... 汉城一间中学, 金相奕(朴勇河饰)与郑惟真(崔智友饰)是班中同学公认的一双恋人, 但风平浪静的爱情生活由一名转校生姜俊相(裴勇俊饰)的出现而有所改变。姜的出现令郑认定他才是自己的初恋对象, 在不知不觉间两人更热恋起来。後来姜发觉金, 郑曾是一对恋人而心中不是味儿。圣诞节来临姜与郑约定见面, 此时姜的母亲为阻止姜与生父相认, 要姜移居到美国, 在离开韩国之前, 姜赶往约定的地方与郑见面, 但不幸遇上车祸, 母在所有人面前说出姜的死讯, 郑悲痛欲绝。 10年後, 姜母与他在美国再婚的丈夫回到韩国, 当年称在车祸中丧生的姜亦有出现, 并改名为李闵荣, 在一次甄选会议上郑见回姜, 但姜竟然不认识眼前的郑, 究竟是不想相认还是另有别情。。。一笔浓浓的色彩, 让作品更加完美, 同时还让观众陷入审美意境中。