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Japanese Drama : The Reason I Can't Find My Love DVD (我不能恋爱的理由)


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Title Name The Reason I Can't Find My Love / 我不能恋爱的理由
No of Disc
3 Discs (Episode 1-10)
Version Japanese
Chinese / English
Item Code
Format DVD / NTSC & All Region Code
Yuko Oshima / Nose Karina



Fujii Emi is a girl who can't forget her ex-boyfriend. She thinks that being treated as a "guy's girl" is comfortable, but she wants to feel real love inside. Ogura Saki (Yoshitaka) failed to find a job, and ended up working at a hostess bar. Although she gives lectures to Emi and Mako about love, she has never loved anyone seriously. Finally, we have Hanzawa Mako (Oshima), who annoys men because of her serious and heavy personality; her efforts in love were also fruitless. These girls start living together by chance, and navigate as a group through their worries about love, career, and marriage, by comforting and fighting with one another.

本劇描述一群沒辦法談戀愛的女性,劇中三位女性的愛情困擾。忘不了前男友又沒有男人緣、年紀近三十歲的職業單身女性藤井惠美(香里奈 飾)。惠美的高中學妹,沒有認真談過戀愛又身陷不倫之戀的酒店小姐小倉咲(吉高由里子 飾)。擔任派遣社員、總是遇到對自己不是真心的男人的半澤真子(大島優子 飾)。同住的三人,有時候互相安慰,有時候吵架,一起透過戀愛的話題獲得成長。