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Korean Drama : Sign DVD (迹象)

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Title Name Sign (迹象)
No of Disc
6 Discs (20 Episodes)
Version Korean / Mandarin
Chinese / English / Malay
Item Code
Format DVD / NTSC & All Region Code
Kim Ah Joong, Park Shin Yang, Uhm Ji Won



Go Da Kyung (played by Kim Ah Joong) has been successful working as a forensic doctor at a coroner’s office, but what she really wants to do is investigate the crime scenes themselves, not just the bodies. She manages to get a job as a rookie investigator paired with famed forensic doctor Yoon Ji Hoon (Park Shin Yang). The eager newbie and prickly veteran initially struggle against each other as they strive to solve crimes through the tiny details they find, utilizing science to solve murders. Jung Woo Jin (Uhm Ji Won), a ruthless prosecutor and Ji Hoon’s ex, attempts to use their findings for her own ends, while Da Kyung clashes with impetuous police officer Choi Yi Han (Jung Kyu Woon). Da Kyung and Ji Hoon must balance personal entanglements with professional life in their quest to uncover the truth behind murder, and the two develop a complex relationship.

本劇將以韓國國立科學搜查研究所為舞臺,述說在國立科學搜查研究所所發生的法醫們的苦痛和生活,還有圍繞在他們當中的疑問事件的醫學搜查物,破解各種疑案的過程,案件背后隱藏的真相以及組織內部的明爭暗斗的故事。 男主角尹志勛是韓國最佳法醫學者,雖然有著理智的外貌并獲得世界肯定的實力者,但卻是有著奇特個性的國立科學搜查研究所法醫.是個有著多樣個性的人物.該角色原本兼具知性和理智,卻因貪欲而陷入了自我矛盾當中。 女主角高多景雖然每天照三餐似的被挑剔完美主義者前輩尹志勛斥責,實則是個外柔內剛非常執著的女驗尸官,高多景因遇上性格乖僻的前輩而天天挨刺兒,但是{借樂觀向上的精神堅持了下來,最終為破獲一起大案立下了汗馬功勞。