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Japanese Drama : She's A Steely Woman DVD (钢之女)


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Title Name She's A Steely Woman / 钢之女
No of Disc
3 Discs (Complete Series)
Version Japanese
Chinese / English
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Format DVD / NTSC & All Region Code
Michiko Kichise



36-year-old Haga Ineko (nickname: Hagane) successfully passed the teachers’ exam with the support of the children of Class 4/3. She would like to say that she is still single, but Shioda Wataru, her boyfriend and former assistant form teacher of Class 4/3, proposed marriage to her. Looking at the engagement ring she received from him gives her happiness … … However, one day, Tao, a girl whose parents were deported out of the country for illegal entry into Japan, transfers to Aikawa Elementary School and to Hagane’s class. Even though she is of a different nationality, she is certainly a beloved student of Hagane’s. Hagane accepts Tao with that sentiment, but Tao, who has bitter animosity for Japanese, quickly gets into conflicts with her classmates. Hiroshi and Airi try to understand Tao, but she has firmly shut her heart off and steadily gets isolated. The final blow is a rumour that Tao had shoplifted. This spreads around the school and the bullying escalates. Is she really the culprit? Hagane, who wishes to melt the ice in Tao’s heart, heads to the elementary school that Tao had attended before her transfer and speaks to her former classmates but … …

在四年级3班孩子们的鼓励下,36岁的“钢女”芳贺稻子(吉濑美智子饰)顺利通过了教师录用考试。就在她刚想说“哎,还是单身啊...”的时候,被前任副班主任兼现任男友盐田(要润 饰)求婚,她一边欣赏着盐田给她的订婚戒指,一边品尝着这幸福快乐的味道。但是好景不长,某天,一对非法入境的夫妇被遣返,而他们的女儿多绪(黒崎レイナ饰)转到了钢女负责的班级。即使国籍不同,这孩子作为自己的学生毫无疑问理 应得到自己的关爱。钢女抱着这样的心情接受了她,但是多绪对日本人抱有极大的敌意,刚入校就与同班的真理衣(吉田里琴饰)产生了冲突。小广(户谷驱饰)和 爱梨(大桥望美饰)虽然想要去理解多绪,但是心门紧闭的多绪渐渐被孤立。如穷追猛打般,学校里开始流传她偷窃的谣言,对她的欺凌也随之加速。偷窃犯真的是多绪吗?钢女决心想办法温暖多绪的内心,于是前往多绪以前的小学,向她原来的同学求证……