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Japanese Drama : Ending Planner DVD (最棒的人生结束方式)


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Title Name Ending Planner (最棒的人生结束方式)
No of Disc
3 Discs (Complete Series)
Version Japanese
Chinese / English / Malay
Item Code
Format DVD / NTSC & All Region Code
Takashi Sorimachi / Nana Eikura



The funeral parlor Ihara-ya (井原屋?) has been run by Ihara Masato’s (Tomohisa Yamashita) family for generations. Masato grows to hate the family business due to the teasing he suffers from for being "the undertaker's kid", and he leaves home early in life. The sudden death of his estranged father and the disappearance of his older brother Kento (Takashi Sorimachi) leave the Ihara-ya in Masato's reluctant hands.

The Ihara-ya has close ties with the police and mostly handles the bodies of people who have died under mysterious or unexplained circumstances. On occasions, when the police simply classify the deaths as accidental, Masato tries to find out the truth for the sake of the surviving family, even though he knows that he is being meddlesome. Masato ends up dealing with these silent dead bodies, the painful reasons behind their deaths, and the harsh realities of the world together with rookie detective Sakamaki Yuki (Nana Eikura). As he does so, he starts to face up to his own life and family.