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Recorder To Randsell (TV 1 - 26 End) DVD

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Title Name Recorder To Randsell / 直笛与双背带书包
No of Disc
1 Disc (26 Episodes)
Version Japanese
Chinese / English / Malay
Item Code
MIR 1487
Format DVD / NTSC & All Region Code
Remark --



The series is mainly about the Miyagawa siblings: Atsushi - an elementary student whose build and appearance is the same as a typical adult man; and Atsumi - his sister and a highschool girl whose appearance is like an elementary student. They live everyday encountering misunderstandings and misadventures, most to be blamed to their ironic age/looks.
故事讲述有个就读小学5年级11岁的小男孩 叫宫川 あつし,但是不知道为何却已是一个长得大人的模样,且身高达到180cm!这幅模样为他的日常生活带来了各种各样的麻烦事。与此同时,他还有一个17岁的 姐姐,宫川 あつみ,目前是高中2年级。但是这个可怕的家庭也才给了她137cm的身高,而且拥有萝莉的体形!虽然是这样,但是姐姐还是尽自己的能力照顾着弟弟。


Release Date : ( Friday, 29 June 2012 )