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Japanese Drama : Jiu ~ Police Department's Special Investigation Form DVD (纪戊警示厅特殊犯搜查系)


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Title Name Jiu ~ Police Department's Special Investigation Form / 纪戊警示厅特殊犯搜查系
No of Disc
3 Discs (Complete Series)
Version Japanese
Chinese / English
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Format DVD / NTSC & All Region Code
Meisa Kuroki / Mikako Tabe / Yuu Shirota / Yukiya Kitamura / Kim Myung Soo



Motoko (Meisa Kuroki) is a detective in tip-top physical condition, excels in physical combat and willing to kill a suspect if necessary. Misaki (Mikako Tabe) is a cerebral detective with a warm. Both of these women are members of the Metropolitan Police Department's S.I.T. (special investigation team) and work to track down criminal Jiu. Motoko and Misaki both become involved in personal relationships that leaves them hurt ...