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Japanese Drama : Calico Cat Holmes DVD (三毛猫福尔摩斯推理)


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Title Name Calico Cat Holmes 三毛猫福尔摩斯推理
No of Disc
3 Discs (Complete Series)
Version Japanese
Chinese / English
Item Code
Format DVD / NTSC & All Region Code
Aiba Masaki / Fujiki Naohito / Okura Tadayoshi / Oomasa Aya / Ueki Natto



Yoshitaro Katayama (Masaki Aiba) is a detective at the first investigation team in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. Yoshitaro became a detective because of his dying father's last wish. Yoshitaro's father was a top detective, but Yoshitaro now wants to quit his job because he becomes squeamish when he sees blood, is afraid of ghosts and not good dealing with women. He also shows signs of anemia. Yoshitaro then meets an extraordinary cat named Holmes, able to understand human words and possessing heightened deductive reasoning abilities. Yoshitaro and Holmes then partner to solve difficult to crack cases ...