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Japanese Movie : Furyou Shounen 3,000 – Nin No Atama DVD (不良少年 - 3000人的總番)


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Title Name Furyou Shounen 3,000 – Nin No Atama (不良少年 - 3000人的總番)
No of Disc
1 Disc (Movie)
Version Japanese
Chinese / English / Malay
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Format DVD / NTSC & All Region Code
Kumiko Akiyoshi/秋吉久美子, Kenji Ezure/江連健司, Shinzo Hotta/堀田眞三, Ayuta Nogami/野上亜佑多, Takumi Saito/斎藤工



The Movie is based on an autobiographical book titled “Tokyo Furyou Shounen Densetsu.” The book was written by Endo Natsuki, who was once affiliated with the biker team and band COOLS that was formed in the 1970s by Tachi Hiroshi (61) and Iwaki Koichi (60).
The story for the film takes place at a technical high school in the 1970s, where it is said that half of the school’s 3,000 students are juvenile delinquents. Saito plays a student named Sendo, who is aiming to be number one out of all of them. Naturally, the movie will incorporate a lot of action scenes as he brawls his way to the top.

本片根据原为暴走族的作家远藤夏辉以自身经历撰写的小说《东京不良少年传说》改编。20世纪70年代,在总计3000人的东阳工业高中,半数学生皆是不良少年,他们打架斗殴,抽烟喝酒,无恶不作,浪荡荒废着自己的青春年华。一年级学生千藤鹰也(齐藤工 饰)和好友菱川晃希(窪塚俊介 饰)等人是该校响当当的人物,千藤早早称霸一年级,风头正劲,虽然他对这样的地位毫无兴趣,也像尽早从打架的生活中退转出来,可是一如江湖身不由己。横行霸道的二、三年级老大视千藤为眼中钉,寻找各种机会将其拉下一年级老大的宝座,进而点燃了东高全面战争的战火。依赖自己的好友,满怀担忧的恋人,怒火中烧的老师,以及静观其变的坂本(岩永洋昭 饰),千藤该如何抉择?