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TVB Drama : Healing Hands 3 DVD (妙手仁心3)

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Title Name Healing Hands 3 (妙手仁心3)
No of Disc
8 Discs (40 Episodes)
Version Cantonese / Mandarin
Chinese / English / Malay
Item Code
Format DVD / NTSC & All Region Code
Lawrence Ng /Ada Choi /Bowie Lam /Flora Chan /Nick Cheung /William So /Astrid Chan /Yoyo Mung /Moses Chan /Maggie Siu /Bernice Liu /Amanda Lee Wai Man



Hong Kong finally overcomes the SARS outbreak in spring 2004. After the outbreak, will the future be brighter for neurosurgeon Ching Chi Mei, Paul (Lawrence Ng) and E consultant Lai Kwok Chu, Henry (Bowie Lam) and other medical staff?

Paul collapses after receiving the death news of his gorlfriend, who lives abroad, forensic pathologist Shum Nga Ching, Frances (Gigi Lai) accompanies him, Henry ends his love affair with Kong Sun Yuet. However, he soon falls into a love triangle with orthopaedist Ip To, Sarah (Melissa Ng) and Tsang Suk Kei, Best (Bernice Liu), who is a houseman. Cardiac surgeon Lam Man Chi, MC (Moses Chan), who is badly affected by SARS sequelas, is experiencing his tough in life, luckily, Sarah encourages him constantly. O&G consultant Man On Sang, Anson (Maggie Siu) and A&E doctor Heung Chung Yan, Chris (Raymond Cho Wing Lim) eventually overcome all the obstacles and get married. Unfortunately, Chris is attracted to nurse Tai Yuk Ying, Grace (Yiu Claire) and puts his marriage at risk.