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Avatar The Legend Of Korra (Book 1 - 4) DVD

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Title Name Avatar The Legend Of Korra 1+2+3+4
No of Disc
5 Discs (Book 1 - 4)
Version English 
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Format DVD / NTSC & All Region Code
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The Legend of Korra takes place in the same fictional universe as Avatar: The Last Airbender, whose societies have incorporated in them a multitude of elements derived from East Asian and Inuit cultures. The series takes place 70 years after the orginal with technology advanced to about mid-1920s on earth. In it, some people have the ability known as 'bending', by which they control and manipulate either water, earth, fire, or air. A single being known as the 'Avatar', described as the 'physical embodiment of the world's spirit', has the power to bend all four elements and is responsible for maintaining both the balance of nature and peace between the world's four great nations. g of korra takes places in the