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Doraemon Movie : Nobita and the New Steel Troops DVD


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Title Name Nobita and the New Steel Troops/ 铁人兵团br />
No of Disc
1 Disc (Movie)
Version Cantonese / Mandarin
Chinese / English / Malay
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Format DVD / NTSC & All Region Code
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Nobita finds a mysterious round green object and the leg of a giant robot at the north pole. Nobita takes both objects back home when suddenly robot parts suddenly fall one after another into the yard . Doraemon and Nobita then make a giant robot "Zanda Claus" by assembling parts in the alternate mirror world. A mysterious girl Lilulu appears and introduces herself. The girl states that the robot is hers. In fact Zanda Claus and Lilulu are sent from a planet, where robots are about to conquer the earth. Can Doraemon and Nobita save the earth against the giant robot corps?