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Chinese Movie : The Beauty DVD (斗艳)


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Title Name The Beauty DVD (斗艳)
No of Disc
1 Disc (Movie)
Version Mandarin
Chinese / English / Malay
Item Code
Format DVD / NTSC & All Region Code
Grace Wong 王君馨 / Darren 邱凯伟/ Cindy Yen 袁咏琳



A story about love, life, and career that happening in career women. 3 women try to change their fate by finding a rich and handsome man. They change totally in order to be close to the man that they like. One of their friends successful attracts the man attention, and this causes the 3 of them become enemies……

讲述的是都市职场女性爱情、生活、事业的故事。三个女人为了抢夺能改变自己命运的男人,展开“斗艳”攻势。她们由曾经的单纯青涩,一步步变为攻于心计的都市“厉人”。 女主角利用她的单纯朴实成功吸引男主角的目光,夺得男主角芳心;也正因此导致昔日无话不谈的闺蜜反目成仇。正当大家都羡慕丑小鸭终于凭借她的努力飞上枝头的同时,女主角爆出惊人内幕,令众人大跌眼镜。究竟她的身上藏有什么秘密?居心何在? 这是一场女人的斗艳之战! 究竟谁能成为蜂巢的皇后成为影片最大的悬念。


Release Date : (Friday ,30 April 2015)