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China Drama : Love YunGe From The Desert DVD (大汉情缘之云中歌)

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Title Name Love YunGe From The Desert DVD (大汉情缘之云中歌)
No of Disc
10 Discs (45 Episodes)
Version Mandarin
Chinese / English
Item Code
Format DVD / NTSC & All Region Code
Angelababy,Du Chun,Lu Yi,Chen Xiao,Yang Rong,Bao Beier,Mao Xiaotong,Kou Zhenhai



Yun Ge, a girl from the desert, first fell in love with Prince Liu Fu Ling, whom she had rescued from the burning sands as a child. Yun Ge and Fu Ling promised to meet again in Chang'an after ten years. However, she mistook Liu Bing Yi for Liu Fu Ling. Devastated at seeing a beautiful woman by Bing Yi's side, Yun Ge hided her love.In the wake of her heartbreak, Yun Ge fell for the daithful Meng Jue, who has always by her side. However, their relationship ended when Yun Ge misunderstood that he was trying to take advantage of her. She then reunited with the real Liu Fu Ling, who still held true to their childhood promise.