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China Drama : Nirvana In Fire DVD (琅琊榜 )

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Title Name Nirvana In Fire / 琅琊榜 
No of Disc
9 Discs (47 Episodes)
Version Cantonese / Mandarin
Chinese / English 
Item Code
Format DVD / NTSC & All Region Code
Hu Ge,Liu Tao,Wang Kai,Chan Lung,Victor Huang,Jing Dong



Twelve years ago, the Liang's Commanding General Lin Xie alongside his only son Lin Shu (Hu Ge) led his troops to fight the Yu armies. Court official Xia Jiang (Wang Yongquan) conspired with others to present fabricated evidence to Emperor of Liang (Ding Yongdai) and falsely accused Lin Xie of treason, resulting in the death of seventy thousand soldiers in Meiling. Though Lin Shu is rescued by the master of Langya Hail, Lin Chen (Jin Dong), he suffered from severe poisoning, which ultimately led to his altered facial features. Renaming himself as Mei Changsu, he took shelter in the Jiang Zuo Alliance, eventually rising to the leader of the pugilist world.